Sustainable development

We are committed to the principles of sustainable development and the preservation of the environment through the introduction of state-of-the-art production lines and a complete renovation of our industrial site.
We have carried out measures to ensure energy savings, economical use of raw materials and low environmental impact.
In 2023 such an investment programme will lead to demand for ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems Certification and ISO 45001 - Occupational health & safety Certification, that will be added to ISO 9001 - Quality Management System Certification.
We support the following initiatives, that share our values, educating both workers and subcontractors and making them feel responsible in a challenge we approach with enthusiasm:


PVC Forum Italia

The PVC Forum Italia has been periodically committed to elaborating the cumulative consumption data of Lead Salts and DEHP, thanks to the data made available voluntarily by the companies of the group, also with the aim to weigh the contribution of the Green Brand PVC Compounds for the purposes of the voluntary commitment of the European PVC industry.


VinylPlus® is the voluntary commitment of the European PVC industry to sustainable development. It has committed to creating awareness about sustainable development's benefits in the production chain and among stakeholders.



The international initiative Operation Clean Sweep aims to ensure that pellets, flakes and powders that pass through manufacturing facilities do not end up in our environment, preserving water and wildlife.