Sustainable development

With the aim of fostering a development that improves the deportment of companies on the market and encourages cultural change, STIR Compounds has always paid close attention to health, safety and the environment. With this in mind, in addition to a firm commitment to the production of compounds with low environmental impact, STIR Compounds adheres to: G Compounds a group committed to supporting production approaches that respect the criteria of sustainable development through.

The use of additives with eco-compatible formulations free of lead and heavy metals.
The adoption of a plan to reduce waste produced by the activities of the plants including collection, reuse and recycling. Responsable Care a voluntary program of the global chemical industry in support of environmental sustainability that fosters. The promotion of employees’ health and safety. Environmental protection with reports of the results achieved. STIR Compounds is one of the ten Italian companies belonging to the Compound Group of the PVC Information Center. Its production meets the criteria for the use of the GREEN COMPOUND brand.